What's for dinner?

Enhance your Playhouse experience with one of several on-site or nearby dining options. Whether you're looking for a complete meal, a mid-show snack or just a cocktail from the bar, the Playhouse has you covered.

Just up the hill and within easy walking distance from the Playhouse are numerous restaurants and bars in Mt. Adams. For a list of options, visit TripAdvisor, CincinnatiUSA or Date Night Cincinnati

*Note: Some options on these lists are not within walking distance of the Playhouse. Read more about the locations before making your reservations. 

For a relaxing cocktail before the show or during intermission, the Playhouse operates a full-service bar with beer, wine, soft drinks and liquor.

We are pleased to partner with Vonderhaar's to provide casual fare dining at the Playhouse. Selections include freshly prepared gourmet sandwiches, signature salads, homemade soups and other more elaborate seasonal menus.

No reservations are necessary; service begins 90 minutes prior to curtain.


Main Menu

Not Another Club   |  $7.50
All natural turkey with house maple espresso bacon, white cheddar cheese finished with a red pepper aioli; served on a flaky croissant

Select Your Own Salad & Croissant  |  $7
Choice of tuna salad, Waldorf chicken salad, egg salad or ham salad paired with a flaky croissant

It’s All About the Beef  |  $8
Tenderloin Sandwich served on a brioche bun or pretzel bun with horseradish sauce and cole slaw

BBQ of the Day   |  $7
Our delicious chicken, beef or pork BBQ tossed with our signature sauce with a side of cole slaw; served on a brioche bun or pretzel bun

Grilled Vegetable Ciabatta $7
Grilled vegetable on ciabatta with red pepper hummus

Playhouse Doubler  |  $7
A scoop of tuna and Waldorf chicken salad on a bed of artisan greens

Daily Hot Special  |  $8
Chef's choice

Special Menu Items for Destiny of Desire

Salad of Desire | $ 7.50
Chopped Romaine with radishes, pepitas, roasted sweet potatoes, black beans, cherry tomatoes, cojita cheese crumbles; served with Creamy Avocado Lime Dressing
Add chicken $3

The Cuban | $ 7
Mojo roasted pork loin with ham, Swiss cheese, pickles on a hoagie roll; served with mustard on the side

Destiny Pollo| $ 7
Latin spiced grilled chicken breast with grilled peppers, onions and pepper jack cheese on a brioche bun; served with salsa aioli

Ropa Vieja (aka 'old clothes') | $ 7.50
Latin style stewed, pulled beef in sofrito sauce on a salt & pepper bun

Sopa de Chicaro or Pozole
Latin style split pea soup with diced potatoes
Latin chicken stew with hominy

Bellarica Pasta | $ 7
Rotini pasta with roasted corn, carmamelized onions, Poblano cream sauce and queso fresco
Add chicken breast $3

Arroz Con Leche | $3
Creamy Spanish rice pudding with a dash of cinnamon


Extra Items

• Soups, $3.50
• Fruit salad, $3.50
• Crudités sampler, $4
• Adult snack pack, $6
• Side pasta salad, $1.50
• Side potato salad $1.50
• Cheese plates with crackers (Large, $9 / Small, $ 4.50)
• Desserts:

o Graeter’s individual ice cream cups $4
o Jumbo gourmet cookies, $3
o Cookies, $2
o Homemade dessert bars, $3 (Chocolate chip cheesecake bars, Key lime bars, Salted caramel brownies, Oreo cheesecake bars, Multi layer bars)
o Sliced carrot cake, $4

• Concession items (salty):

o Saratoga chips with BBQ sauce, $3
o Homemade tortilla chips with salsa, $3.50
o Nuts, $4
o Trail mix, $4
o Rold Gold Pretzels, $3

• Concession Items (sweet):

o Gummy bears, $4
o Skittles, $4
o Plain M & M’s, $4
o Peanut M & M’s, $4
o Chocolate covered malted milk balls, $4
o Snow Caps, $4
o Yogurt covered raisins, $4
o Chocolate covered peanuts, $4

• Chocolate dipped Items, $2 (Pretzel sticks, Oreos, Nutter Butters)
• Prepackaged items:

o Reese’s Cup, $2
o Snickers, $2
o Hershey’s Bar, $2
o Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Bar $2
o Kit Kat, $2
o Gum, $2
o Mentos, $2
o Twizzlers, $2

• Beverage:

o Coffee and Hot Tea $2.5
o Cappuccino $3
o Other beverages available at the Playhouse Bar